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Caroline Jones
President & Founder Welcome & thank you for your interest in helping children in need!
Governor Markell supports Kind to Kids Holiday Book Drive for foster children

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Kind to Kids helps our most vulnerable children

Kind to Kids gives children who are victims of child abuse and neglect. Kind to Kids also provides excellent educational programs and joyful experiences to expand their world and discover new possibilities. We work to make sure that every foster child knows they are loved with supportive services throughout the year, and with beautiful toys and books during the holidays.

Want to help? Please give today and help the children!

You can help us raise funds for our community’s most vulnerable children!

Recently, toys and support brought happiness and comfort to a boy and his two year old brother who were found abandoned in a row home with no food and no electricity, and to a young girl who experienced abuse. In Delaware, there are over 700 children in Delaware’s foster care system and over 36,000 children in poverty.

Imagine you are a child who has been beaten, abused and neglected and needs to be removed from your home – or that you are a child from a family so poor that you sometimes don’t have food to eat.

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Visit Barnes & Noble, Christiana and bring joy! Buy a book for a child in foster care. They will give the book to Kind to Kids and we will distribute the books to Delaware foster children during the holidays!

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The children are grieving and try to understand the drastic changes in their lives – taken from all that they know and placed in a new home with new people and new rules.

To compound the situation, the majority of foster families are in poverty and money often goes to necessities such as rent and utilities with no funds left for gifts and other items. Kind to Kids is a valuable support to the children in in their time of need.

The children have had so much pain in their young lives, but we help to ease the suffering and bring happiness.
Through our LifeSkills education program, Give Joy event program and Toy/Book Holiday drives, we brighten the lives of children in foster care, poverty and teens at-risk.



What We Do

Needy children dream about what it would be like to go to a baseball game, see a theater performance or get a toy during the holidays. We give them joyful experiences & educational programs to show them that someone cares and give them the skills they need in life. Kind to Kids makes dreams come true.

Kind to Kids gives children in need educational programs and wonderful experiences to expand their world and discover new possibilities. We give the children a lasting memory of joy – a reminder that WE care.
Kind to Kids is a success story about how our community comes together to care for our neediest children.


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Click listen to WJBR’s Focus on Delaware interview by Charlie Maxx with Kind to Kids’ Caroline Jones, President and Erik Raser-Schramm, Board Secretary.

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Kind to Kids Foundation
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Kind to Kids is grateful for the outpouring of love from – elected officials, corporations, businesses, schools, churches, organizations and individuals- that come together each year to help us bring happiness to our children in need.



CARE Package for Foster Children

pensive girl, sad Children coming into foster care are scared. It is easy to help, & you can make a difference. $15 covers the cost of a CARE package Kind to Kids will distribute toys and books to children who are victims of child abuse, neglect and dependency. . UnitedWay_12694 . Kind to Kids code# 12694 . Your donation helps the children!
Toy and Book Drive Postcard1, 2014" . Kind to Kids will deliver toys and books galore to children in foster care across the state of Delaware. Please send funds and toy donations!
Barnes and Noble, Eric, Catherine, CMJ, loading books Barnes & Noble, Christiana Mall, donates 5,700 books to Kind to Kids for foster children. Thank you for brightening the lives of children in need!

Changing Lives

Kind to Kids has sent

over 9,000 children

to events worth

over $125,000

in ticket costs.

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